IDENTIFYING YOUR NEEDS. Before any work can commence I need to frame the design problem to solve. I am comfortable working with product concepts at any level of refinement: as preliminary sketches, photos or mere verbal descriptions; as derivations or modifications of existing products; or as previously developed products in need of further aesthetic or technical refinement. Regardless of where we begin, design work is always review and revision, so I work anticipating changes of direction and focus, and have developed efficient approaches that incorporate this natural iterative process. At this point it is also important to discuss your anticipated budget and timeline. I’m happy to make the process as collaborative as you like. However we choose to work, the more insight I can get from you early in the process, the better I am able to work on your behalf.

EXPLORING THE POSSIBILITIES. Having framed the design problem to solve, it’s time to generate as many ideas as possible. At this stage I try to suspend judgment so as to not prematurely dismiss what may turn out to be a diamond in the rough. Through sketching, 3d modeling and quick prototyping, your project’s themes will be handled in broad strokes, with the intention of uncovering key elements or promising ideas from which to later consider and possibly reformulate and refine into a more developed solution. Depending on the project and the degree to which you’d like to be involved, documents and prototypes of several preliminary designs may be produced for your review.

REFINING THE SOLUTION. Through further analysis and synthesis I’ll apply what was learned from my exploration and resolve a final solution. Earlier ideas may be combined and reworked to address all of the aesthetic, functional, ergonomic, manufacturing and cost requirements of the project. I work as a problem-solver, blending a keen aesthetic eye, with knowledge of manufacturing techniques, material properties and advanced digital visualization skills. By integrating knowledge with know-how, I am able to meet a product's various goals and clearly communicate relevant information to all of the parties involved in the process at every step along the way. The fruits of this work are manufacturable 3d solid models, photorealistic renderings, complete 2d drawings, and other relevant samples, protoypes, technical manuals and marketing material. Ultimately, my goal is to be as clear as possible about the design before it is committed to actual material.

REALIZING THE DESIGN. With finalized designs in hand we can begin the process of turning your project idea into a reality. If this is a project for mass manufacturing, the production-ready design documentation can be shared with domestic or overseas manufacturers for the purposes of costing, prototyping, scheduling, and more. If the project is one that I will build myself, I’ll deliver a work of the highest quality materials and execution, using the best available materials for the job, well-honed techniques, and precision, well-tuned tools and equipment. My work is rightly judged by the quality of the end result. Whether that be design documents used for manufacturing elsewhere, or the finished, physical object that I make in my studio, this is the challenge and risk of every new project I undertake and its one I take seriously as I literally stake my livelihood on it.