In all of my work I try to express the natural beauty of wood and reflect the individuality of the person or occasion for which each piece is made. Through sound structure, functional designs, and a beauty that is more timeless than seasonal, I hope the finished work will occupy an enduring place in the home of its owner for years to come.

All designs are made in the finest woods, carefully selected and milled for optimum color, grain orientation and seasonal stability. A combination of well-honed traditional hand techniques and precision equipment produce tight and strong joinery and velvet-smooth movement in doors and drawers. No details are ever left unattended. I carefully shape all pieces, crisply soften the edges, and meticulously smooth and protect all surfaces with appropriate, durable finishes. It is quite simply a level of craftsmanship not found in any mass production piece at any price. Moreover, working directly with the designer-maker allows you to add your input to the design process to create a personalized piece that no furniture outlet can offer. Together we will work to identify your specific needs and goals. I will make drawings, prototypes and computer models that will allow us to clearly visualize different possibilities. We will then review and refine these designs until we arrive at a solution that uniquely meets all of your expectations.